Customer Support Teams — Show, don’t tell, using GIFs

When supporting a software product, customer support teams usually field lots of “How do I” type questions. Many times the answer is given using a template with bullet points or the instructions are typed out in detail by the customer support rep. This can be a confusing and annoying experience for your customers as they try to navigate through your product while going back and forth between emails and your application.

Why Screenshots, GIFs, & Videos are the perfect tool for Customer Support.

Many customer support teams are using live chats or emails to give detailed instructions to their customers. With the Snappi App, customer support teams can use an annotated screenshot or can create a custom GIF of the workflow, and quickly share the link with a customer.

Using GIFs or Screenshots in response to a support ticket can be instrumental for improving common customer service KPIs such as:

  • First Call Resolution
  • Average Call Handle Time
  • Customer Satisfaction

Using visual communication is not only a breath of fresh air for your customers, but helps your support team save time! Instead of writing a detailed instructional email that could take anywhere from 5–10 minutes, you can use Snappi to quickly share what is on your screen. You can even use the GIFs or screenshots on your FAQ page for future reference.

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