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The New York Knicks, the outpost of America’s most popular sport in America’s biggest city, hardly live up to that promise of greatness. I propose that can change.

Though New York City is a powerful city—Wall Street, media capital, all that—its people don’t really have that much power. Not only does an ossified but slick machine control much of local politics, but the city itself doesn’t actually have full sovereignty. For reasons stemming from the fiscal crisis in the 1970s, New York City has to run a lot of its policies by the New York state government. For example, it can’t set its own rent laws. It can’t tax the rich (something our mayor, Warren “Bill de Blasio” Wilhelm, ran on to get elected in 2013). It also does not control the MTA, the largest transit system in the country, which runs the city’s subways and commuter rail. …


Emily Lever

overhyped for cuteness; clear and relatable attitude problem | words @ Jezebel, Bookforum, NYMag, Esquire, the Awl, Africa Is A Country, Popula, etc

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