My Windows 8.1 Update 1 Wishlist

What will it take for my love for windows to return?

I was never a mac user. From the beginning I used Windows, it started back in 97, I was two years old and was put in computer class (of course, I hated it. In fact, my love for computers developed only in 2010) and they were running windows 95 on the systems. Then came school, where the computers were running windows xp. Years later when I got into computers, windows 7 irked me more and more everyday but getting a Mac was never really an option, mostly due to how expensive they were.

As I grew more computer proficient, I tried out different linux distro’s, but as much as I loved them all, nothing really sat right with me. Maybe because I had to boot into windows everytime I wanted to use lightroom or Premiere. Then windows 8 came out and although I loved the new clean interface and the omission of Aero, the added benefits like the new amazing task manager, combined windows when transferring files, ISO and Zip native handling, etc. there were things that were worse. I didn’t really care enough for the start menu, I just use launchy. What bothered me was that I couldn’t use windows+tab to switch between open apps, I know that’s a really minute issue but it did bother me.

Then, in the first week of 2014, I had enough. Windows had crashed on me for the nth time. I bit the bullet, not in the way that you’d expect it. I cloned my windows install from my PC and put it on my laptop, deleting ubuntu, and I hackintoshed my PC. I am now a proud and happy Mac user. I love the OS, it’s overall more stable, it is much more productive and I won’t bore you with all the details, I’ll save that for a later rant. Sometimes however, I consider switching back. Not because I have a deep love for windows or anything like that, it’s still a pretty “meh” os. It’s because I’ll be going overseas in a few months to pursue my further education and I will not be able to bring my PC with me, which sucks. I was thinking of getting a Macbook Air for Uni, which seems like the perfect laptop for most tasks, except for one, Video Editing. For the Price of the MBA (maybe even less) I can get the Acer Aspire V7 which has a 1080p Display, a core i7 processor, 2GB of Nvidia Video Memory (I❤CUDA) and an overall beefier laptop, it’s only drawback is windows honestly.

So without further adieu, here are my wishes for the upcoming windows update.

  1. Integrate Modern (Metro) and Desktop.

This is something that has been rumored to be coming for a while now. What I want is for microsoft to get rid of the start menu on devices with screens larger than 12 inches, because it honestly makes no sense there. You can hide it in the background, I don’t mind that. I don’t even want it to be like windows 8.1 where you boot to desktop but its still there, just make it a standalone environment that users have the option to enable.

2. Workspaces.

One of the things that I find gimmicky about Mac OS X but still use quite a bit is mission control. Ubuntu and other Linux OS’ have a form of it too, and it is awesome. It allows me to set aside what I’m doing on different workspaces so I don’t get confused. Here’s my Current list; General, Video and Audio Editing, Web Design and Graphic Editing, Writing.

3. Previews and GIF Support.

When you work with a lot of files, pressing the spacebar to preview a file without having to open it in a separate application is crucial to save time. For some reason, Microsoft can’t seem to understand that. They care more about swooshy animations than productivity. I would be fine if you took away every single animation from Windows and left me to my work, but that’s just me anyway. Oh yes, GIF’s. This is more Windows Picture Viewer’s problem. Everytime I click on a GIF, it opens in IE, not even chrome. Microsoft, it’s 2014, GET ON BOARD WITH GIF’s ALREADY. I know it’s a really small issue that can be fixed with other apps and picture viewers but I’ve used all of them and they’re all ugly. One thing about picture viewer is that the interface is really nice!

Of course I have a lot of other issues with Windows that I would love to rant about, such as the way it handles app installs compared to Mac, but that would require a lot of hardwork and I don’t want to seem like too much of a jerk, so yeah there’s that. I also found some 3rd party applications that fix a lot of my issues, like how let’s you take selective screenshots, so I’ve managed to limit my list to just 3 things. There you have it, the end of my rant. Until next time folks.