MY BODY ART, or what society calls them, “MY TATTOOS”

Back in 2010 maybe 2011, my girlfriend and I at the time walked into an IHOP to grab some breakfast. Now, I have a lot of tattoos that are very visible and my girl at the time did as well. I guess nowadays tattoos are more socially excepted by the younger generation, But like I said, we walked in to IHOP for breakfast! All we seen was a sea of elderly people and we were the freak show from hell. Normally I don’t let anything like this bother me, because I got my tattoos for myself, but I almost felt like they were pointing and staring a little too much. With all that being said if you guys really do read these little stories I post, and you have tattoos that are visible or even if you don’t, let me know what you guys think, do you care or do you just keep on moving!

Thanks for Reading,

Christopher Jesse Leal