Tips to Avoid Obsolescence

Everyone should be concerned about their future. Now a days there are very few things that seem to be immediately future proof. That includes anything you can buy short of water rights, including jobs, and not just anybody’s job. Your job might soon be on the chopping block of progress soon too. Here are some basic tips to help you make yourself valuable and keep a job while many others lose jobs to the rise of the machines.

Tip 1: Find a job that requires you to interact with other people in a meaningful way. The key word in this tip is meaningful. It can’t be a matter of ordering something, it has to be a very dynamic and interactive experience. If your job doesn’t require you to really think about how you are engaging with your clients then chances are what you do will be automated soon enough.

Tip 2: Get engaged in decision making. The one thing that a computer cannot do is free thought. At the end of the day every computer system follows a set of algorithms at best and a set of preset conditions at worst. So the main thing you have that a computer doesn’t is the ability to make abstract connections using various pieces of information to make decisions.

Tip 3: Spend your time using your imagination. If you are using your imagination then you are being creative. The irony of the machine revolution is that the individuals who are most likely to have job security are the artists.

Anyway good luck and stay relevant!