It’s Tom’s world, we just live in it…

Tom’s new fillum

There’s something about Tom Cruise(TC): he’s ridiculously entertaining, has an almost unbroken box office record, his own Franchise , which probably couldn’t survive without him and despite the sofa jumping , is seen as hard-working, dedicated and and all round nice guy, although a few may disagree….

I get the impression that Mr Cruise is the type of guy that that needs some sort of structure in his life, even us mere mortals do. One thing you probably won’t hear TC being asked is about his involvement with the Church of Scientology.

Imagine if say, Graham Norton, who while he’s certainly an entertaining host doesn’t personify the credentials of journalistic integrity, were to ask young Thomas, about say,his very active involvement in Scientology and how are things in the celebrity centre?Not only would TC probably never grace Norton’s sofa again the relationship would probably reach Vincent Brown and Enda Kenny type depths.

At the risk of getting sued, which I can’t afford. TC has a slight image problem in terms of his devotion to L Ron Hubbard and his questionable religious teachings. Paul Haggins, himself a former Scientology has recently come out strongly against such PR massaged optics in the promotion of movies. He certainly has a point but ask any entertainment editor do you want to interview TC or not, I’m pretty sure the answer is going to be a very definitive ‘Yes’

Worthy documentaries aside, Going Clear. and it’s precursor book, which still hasn’t got a cinema release in Ireland as of September 2015. PR seems to be the deciding factor. The box office behemoth that is MI-Rouge Nation opening, probably didn’t hurt either. As actors and indeed politicians know, fame is a fickle mistress. Hence the media wanting to turn a blind eye to Cruise and his questionable relationship with the church. Studio’s love nothing better than making money, as large corporations, mostly subsidiaries of even larger corporations, it’s their legal duty to their shareholders to do this.

What studio’s love even more is a franchise that will continue to make money for them going into the future. The law of diminishing returns does come into play here at some point. The Bond Franchise and Dr Who are perhaps notable exceptions to this.

In case you think I’m a big fat blockbuster ho, nothing could be further from the truth. I’m happy to give time to silent cinema, Steamboat Bill Jr made an appearance at the IFI in the last few months and I’m all for movies with subtitles or in fact any movie that’s great,regardless of language, country of origin, genre, actor, director. It’s really all about a good tale well told.

In other news

As of last Monday, 15th February, I started a HPSU in Fumbally Exchange, a big thank you to them for that. I’m hoping to get a first draft of ‘Percy’ my latest comedy project, which started as a TV series but has now flipped back into a feature. How the system work is: HPSU’s work for 3 months for free and then decide to join as a full time member, do a desk share or work as an associate. I’m really looking forward to the next few months here!

I also attended the London Screenwriting Festival(LSF) last October, which was eye opening, overwhelming,educational and a little bit terrifying too. I could blog for weeks on it. So, more to follow on that.

Speaking of TC, MI:Rogue Nation’s writer/director Christopher McQuarrie spoke at the LSF, he was very entertaining and quite polished and he of all people knows how attaching oneself to a star as huge as TC, can be a great career move. Mr McQuarrie wasn’t all celeb gossip though, he sees himself first and foremost as a writer for hire and knows how easily studios can take advantage of screenwriters.

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