FHIRMaps: All the Medications…

Mapping C-CDA to FHIR

As part of the Marvelous Mapping Adventure of 2015, we decided to map from C-CDA to the FHIR resources. Last week, I talked about how we embarked on this adventure, beginning with Immunization. We began with the Immunization resource because the mapping seemed straightforward enough to be inviting, yet challenging enough to get us thinking (our very own trial by FHIR.)

Beginning with Immunization was really a way to ramp up to the five medications resources: Medication, MedicationPrescription (now MedicationOrder in DSTU2), MedicationDispense, MedicationAdministration, and MedicationStatement.

If the sheer number of resources devoted to medications wasn’t enough to intimidate, the endless modes of medication expression in C-CDA certainly did the trick…What’s more, imagining the clinical consequences of losing medication data through non-harmonized mappings left us wary.

I’d like to think of the Mapping Task Force as a group of knights riding into battle as we approached the task of mapping medications between C-CDA to FHIR…although an outsider might have mistaken us as a group of standards geeks huddled into a conference room…No matter — imagine us as you will as you peruse the mappings below.

C-CDA to FHIR Medications Mappings (DSTU1)