B17: The Outlawed Vitamin

When a relative has cancer, what do you think. Most americans go directly to a doctor and are put on chemo. I wouldn't.

Thousands of years ago, cancer did not exist (metaphorically speaking). Ancient societies ate the vitamin B17. They ate nuts and fruits that contained the vitamin. This vitamin is not necessarily essential, but it does aid in the prevention of cancerous growth. The effect of this vitamin is oxygenating the cells. And what is cancer? Cancer is where the cells are low or difficient in oxygen, causing growth and autoimmunity. Where does this vitamin come from? Why did the United States outlaw it? Were going to find out.

The Goverment wants us to have cancer. They really do. Do you know why? It’s because of the drug companies. They bribe and persuade the government to outlaw vitamins that could hurt their buisness, its all greed. Vitamin B17 is a natural cancer prevention agent. The drug companies want us to have cancer. They want us to use chemo. All because it affects thier wallets when people do not have disease.

Some sorces of this vitamin are pits and stones. You may think “But a pit is just a hard seed that will break your teeth.” Think again. Actually, there is a little treasure in that pit. A seed that is rich in B17, a seed that — if you eat enough — could save you life. These pits are in apricots, peaches, nectarines, plumbs, etc. Also, there is another scorce of B17, in apple seeds. I know, I know, “But apple seeds have arsenic in them!”. Actually, they do, but only a tiny bit. The goverment tells you and the rest of the population, “NEVER eat an apple seed or an apricot pit… YOU WILL DIE!!!” Well guess what, its a lie. It even rhymes! You need this vitamin, eat it now, OR YOU WILL DIE!!! That’s not a lie. It even rhymes!

Also, If you are interested, check out this book, “A World Without Cancer”, By: G. Edward Griffin

Maybe try this video, Griffin’s movie:

Please get this info out there! People need to know!