A New Year’s Resolution that Won’t Occupy your Favorite Elliptical at the Gym

I was having a conversation with one of my friends on New Year’s Eve and the talk of New Year’s Resolutions arose. For the sake of privacy, we’ll call this person Abbie. Abbie’s and my conversation went something like this:

Me: Any ideas on what your New Year’s resolution will be?
Abbie: No. New Year’s Resolution’s suck.
Me: Wow. Harsh comments on what I thought was such a docile subject. Care to elaborate? 
Abbie: Well, for one, I can no longer enjoyably workout. Ever try to do your hill interval run when every elliptical is already taken by someone who will only be there for two weeks? It’s difficult. Secondly, I don’t like change. I’m really content with who I am. I have my routine; I love the school I go to, I do moderately well in class, have a meagerly active social life, and overall am physically and emotionally healthy. What’s not to like? I don’t need to change. Change is hard. 
Me: I mean, I have to agree. Change is hard, and not necessary if you don’t want it to be, but is it good for you?

After my conversation with Abbie, I pondered my own question well into 2016. Why change when you’re content where you are? Is change good for us? The more I thought about the concept, the more I realized how important change is in our everyday lives, and especially in entrepreneurship. Change is the catalyst that has solved and will continue to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. None of us should be content with the way things are now. Sure, if you live inside your own little bubble, everything will be ok. By shutting out the world around us, we create a facade that estranges ourselves from the major issues of the world today. Without change, each and every one of us is not progressing as a human being. And if you’re not progressing, what are you doing? No great disruption of the status quo has ever been created within a person’s comfort zone. This is why entrepreneurship community is so risk-based; no one has ever been a success without getting their elbows dirty, working hard, and changing how people tick in some way. Moreover, as an individual, if you live within your comfort zone, are you really living at all?

Working for a startup has taught me how quickly things change in business, and in turn your life. In October I joined my friend, and now business partner Peter, at a startup accelerator at the University of Iowa. There we met Cameron, and proceeded to win the Startup Games, showing that SnipBit was more than just a cool concept. From there, ideas, opportunities, and work in general has moved at a million miles an hour. SnipBit is merely an infant right now, and any parent knows what rapid-fire changes come with raising one. SnipBit needs to change, and I with it. With that being said, we have some exciting and radical New Year’s resolutions for 2016 to come along with these ever-growing changes, and they won’t take up your elliptical:

1. First half — release our Beta project
2. Second half — rework and launch fully-fledged product with all major features
3. Build up our team culture by having monthly team activities just for fun
4. Find another rock star developer
5. Build up team advisory board (looking/attain mentors/advisors)
6. Accelerator for Summer 2016
7. Begin Seed funding round
8. Attend media/content producer conferences to network 
9. Kick ass and have a bunch of fun building a great product for our clients

Our team is really excited about these goals and we hope you are too. I am confident if you join us for the ride, you won’t be disappointed.

We all need change. SnipBit needs change. We have a status quo that needs to be disrupted.

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