Do you have a functional working example of how content producers can monetize Medium today?
Tim Boucher

Hey Tim,

Cameron (SnipBit CEO) here. We really appreciate the share and we are indeed aware of what gumroad is doing for content creators. We both have similar mission. That being said there is one key thing that the SnipBit platform does better than gumroad and that is micropayments.

Right now with the gumroad platform, there is a 5% and 25 cent transaction fee for every purchase. While this isn’t as big of an issue with purchases of larger amounts ($5 +), the transaction fees become overbearing for the smaller amounts. At SnipBit, we specialize in monetizing for small bits of content for micro amounts. For example, we only charge around 7.5% flat for any amount. In the monetization world, this difference is huge!

Because we only charge a commission fee of around 7.5% regardless of the size of the transaction, content creators have a much better tool for monetizing small bits of content. Our platform works best for things like individual articles, songs, comic strips, podcasts, and short videos where content creators only want to charge a few pennies up to a few dollars per content. If you want to charge 25 cents for an article you wrote but the transaction fee to do that is 25 cents, you won’t be able to make even a penny on the sale. As well, the SnipBit platform offers the ability for subscriptions, microsubscriqptions, and metered paywalls.

I’d would love to have a more in depth talk with you to learn about your priorities when monetizing though! Maybe we can help you monetize in the future as well.

Once again, thanks for the input.

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