Applying AI Assisted Virtual Reality to Training for Mass-Casualty Incidents

If you happen to be at the Dubai International Ambulance Conference this week then be sure to drop into the Real First Aid stand for a demonstration of their virtual RealMCI (Real Mass-Casualty Incident).

The software solution we have built for Real First Aid enables the trainee to assess, treat, triage and communicate back to “base” on a MCI.

Image source: Real First Aid. [ Demo at the Dubai International Ambulance Conference 2018 displaying their RealMCI virtual training].

MCI’s are by their very nature complex and chaotic. Using virtual reality in a high consequence training environment like this can lead to more meaningful and grounded learning experiences. This is a fantastic application of our software applied to training and we can’t wait to see where the innovative folks at Real First Aid take it!

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If you are currently providing training, especially for high consequence environments and would like to explore how virtual reality might add business value connect with us to talk more.

Originally published at on March 6, 2018.