Cities aren’t designed or built for parents. That’s what a tragic incident that happened in New York last week illustrated yet again, as well as sparking discussions of how best we can design and build our cities to be accessible and socially inclusive.

As the article outlines, the inaccessibility issues that are increasingly arising around the design and development of our transport and cities has occurred partly because of demographic imbalances. That is cities and buildings being designed primarily by “white men, working 9-to-5 jobs”, as outlined by Kaufmann, the transportation researcher.

This echoes findings by Australia’s largest national study into community engagement in infrastructure to date. …

The timely and coordinated sequencing of infrastructure is critical to the success of Australia remarks Infrastructure Australia in its recently released report “Planning Liveable Cities: A place-based approach to sequencing infrastructure and growth” reporting that communities are increasingly disappointed by their experience of growth.

The report identifies six common challenges facing Australia’s five largest cities as they grow, citing how Australian cities are playing “catch-up”mode regarding infrastructure development and housing.

Co-creating using virtual reality in local libraries

A section in the report focuses on how existing community engagement often aims to ‘inform’ local communities about developments that have already been planned and designed. …

Today is International #DayoftheGirl and what better way to acknowledge the day than to enable young women and girls to have an input into how their cities are experienced (and designed).

Free to Be is an online mapping tool that enables girls and young women in five cities — Sydney, Delhi, Kampala, Lima and Madrid — to ‘drop a pin’ on a location and share their stories, experiences and thoughts about the environment. What they like, what makes them feel happy or safe and equally to share experiences in their cities they do not like or did not feel safe.

But the aim of the tool is more ambitious. …



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