5 Reasons to Choose An OpEx-Based VoIP Solution

A company’s bottom line is always the focal point of financial decisions. CFOs have to consider multiple factors to determine expenditure, and market conditions can heavily impact those decisions.

Oftentimes, how money is spent is just as contentious as what it’s spent on. In telecommunications, for example, there’s a growing argument that hosted or cloud-based solutions paired with an operating expenses (OpEx) model have both business and financial advantages over a capital expenditures (CapEx) model and purchasing hardware.

Here are 5 reasons to choose OpEx for VoIP solutions.

1. Immediate Cost Savings

Avoiding large, upfront technology costs is something to celebrate right off the bat. With OpEx, there’s no need to commit to a major investment in hardware and software. It allows you to immediately begin saving money on calls — a sweet deal for CFOs. The solution frees up funds rather than requiring companies to borrow or divert money from other projects just to fund VoIP.

2. Accommodate Internal Changes

The number of telephone users and their requirements are constantly changing within companies. OpEx allows for monthly fee payment models, which can better reflect fluctuating numbers of telephone-operating employees. This allows budgets to be controlled more effectively.

3. Remove the Guesswork

With hosted or cloud-based OpEx solutions, you only pay for what you’ve committed to use — both in services and handsets. This means that the business can easily increase or reduce the number of users or services at any time. OpEx-based hosted or cloud solutions remove the guesswork involved in planning for the future.

4. Accommodate New Technologies

Telecoms is a very fast moving world. With an OpEx-based solution, a company won’t be stuck with outdated technology in a few years. OpEx removes these types of investment risks from businesses.

5. Simplify the Financial Process

Buying VoIP using the OpEx model will simplify and speed up the budgeting process, as short-term spending is generally less arduous to get approved. It will also smooth out the cash flow of the business instead of requiring a peak of expenditure.

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