Why art matters, as in NFTs as in life

We hope we do not need to explain why a pleasing view is so important, however I have personally spent my Erasmus in Slovakia, in a quarter of a city doomed by communist-inspired architecture, then I have reconsidered what I consider obvious and what not. Friends from Slovakia and surroundings, I am so sorry for the urban landscape you have to tolerate in some areas, and I hope that in Ukraine the reconstruction plans will take this into account, as Architect Jon Gehl wisely suggested.

The yellow clothes of the old lady are like the lighting of chromatic rebellion, in this otherwise depressive grayscale picture (a picture by Zupagrafika, source: Wired)

Ok, now that I have horrified your eyes and provided a solid example of the reason behind this article, let’s dig deeper into the main topic: art in NFTs! Before utilities, before than floor price, before even the chain used, what first comes to your mind when you think about an NFT collection? Let’s give it a try: what happens when you read “Azuki”? …exactly, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, as science confirms!

You may then argue that some (economically) successful NFT collections are …soviet-architecture-inspired, but we consider them exuberant exceptions, in which we won’t like to be involved without a seriously good reason. I do not even consider artistically lacking the collections realized with basic pixel art, as the cornerstone CryptoPunks, because they are realized with a specific technique which could be appreciated or not, it is a very personal opinion. Actually everything is relative in art, but copying and pasting from others, without adding any personal spice to the mixture is just a miserable attempt to make easy money, riding on the success of previous projects.

Art is one of the key values for Snoobs

So, in Snoobs we put as a priority not only the graphical quality of our contents and NFTs but even the very unique and peculiar style our collection and our brand has. When you see a Snoobs in its eyes for the first time, we bet you won’t forget it anymore… no spoilers about that. Marcella is the artist who is taking care of giving to the Snoobs not only their appearance but their identity. To build it we started thinking about what we wanted the Snoobs to represent for us, then we drafted the story behind these crazy creatures (soon new revelations about it, stay tuned). Finally, Marcella dived into the deep maze of her fantasy and she drew the characters our collection is based on…

Marcella, Snooblings version

We have already talked about the speculative phenomenon which we believe is affecting the NFT market nowadays. A characteristic that has facilitated it is the fashion, and abuse, of procedural-generated images. In Snoobs we decided to strongly limit the use of such a technique (again, no spoilers, you’ll see it by yourself), to make it a source of a further added value, instead of the fundamental brick of our art.

From our website to our NFTs, from our Instagram posts to our story-telling videos, everything we will release and share is handmade and will always remind you that art matters.



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The Snoobs are going to be released this year… Be patient and get ready to meet with them. We’ll write their story, together!