Can proof of the benefits of Mindful Meditation possibly be the kick in the ass we need to have a real conversation about mental health?

There is now data to support the benefits of Mindful Meditation published in the journal, Biological Psychiatry. For me and I suspect others that practice mindful meditation, this is not surprising at all.

It’s 2016 we have a multitude of remedies for even the slightest physical ailment. But we never talk about the health and wellbeing of our minds. When I think back on my education there was not single course for the health of one’s mind, from Kindergarten through College.

Before we become numb to what seems like nightly broadcasts of mentally ill individuals gunning down innocents, we should let go of the stigma associated with mental illness and start having a real conversation.

I am not talking about the 2nd amendment or the controversy surrounding gun ownership. In fact, I think that heated discussion is masking a conversation we need to be having and should have been having for decades; which is, “What are we doing to better understand our minds, both the healthy and unhealthy?”

If you’re sensing a bit of anger between my words, it probably stems from having a mentally ill relative and trying to navigate the uninterested and uneducated healthcare system in the U.S.A. for help. Talk about a trigger that will send one to meditation.

So what’s my point? My point is how far does this have to go before we acknowledge mental illness is real and running rampant in the USA in 2016?

What can we do? Let’s start by pulling our heads out of the sand and having this conversation independent of other hotly debated topics.

What am I doing? Looking for a solution. Looking for help. Struggling to figure out how I can help and continuing to practice mindful meditation, in the hopes that in a mindful state I will come up with or help to come up with some sort of plan, which sadly, is more than we have now.