Always want want want …

Desire is a part of human nature. It is a reality that surrounds many individuals. We know what it is and how it sparks us. Yet, we still dont know or acknowledge where it stops.

Is there an end to desires ? For some, not even close. The greediness of human desire causes our minds to spin. “I want , I want, I want” echo’s through my ears. It is awfully scary when you think about it. Perhaps, the most dangerous state of emotion is the urge of desire. Because we know that as human beings, sometimes we want bad things, and sometimes we want good things.

Furthermore, sometimes we don't event know whether what we want is bad or good. If feelings exist for an important purpose, what role does desire play within our lives ?

For me, it’s really not about the reason behind desire, in terms of it’s existence. It’s all about, what I can do with desire. Outcomes are significant. As a result, desire is a method to accomplish great things, not a road to Greedy Land !!!

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