Trapped in a web of algorithms
Richard Whiteside

I don’t use facebook or have a self-broadcast footprint other than professional resume posting on Linked-In, Monster, etc… A programmer for forty years (yup, before y’all called it da internet) intimate with big data algorithms now infusing AI (neural nets), I try not to wear my lunch on my face. I can also attest personally to the harm of identity theft and the malice invited by a loss of anonymity (the purpose of privacy). Credit is a mistake, said Ben Franklin, yet our economy is now based on it, and our societal worthiness is risk-rated for it. I would erase my spotless and sterling footprint in all credit and insurance databases alike, were I sure the surgery would go undetected. Databases are the foundation of corporatism (=fascism); the very first use of IBM’s Hollerith punch cards was in the 1930’s by Hitler, cataloging his populace... and Trump won election by smart use of the Facebook database, and now is very interested in cataloging liberals apart from good germans… The very existence of an accessible populace database invites monsters. The French Resistance responded to the nazi occupation by joining all city fire departments and when called to minor fires at county records buildings started by a molotov thrown by a bicyclist, would hose gasoline on the fire to make sure the records burned down…one after another… to destroy all accessible databases of the populace that their conqueror sought to use.

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