I Was Suspended from Facebook for my #MeToo Post
Deborah Copaken

Thanks for coining the ponderous term “algorithmic compassion” in your exchange with Brad @ Facebook. Perhaps this forum will point out that it is “algorithmic predation” that is the central animal sin, rising above which defines a man’s maturity exactly as his humanity. In an age when the crass and immature have stormed our national castle as vandals, the predatory algorithm buried in the brainstem has risen again to supreme power here (mirroring Russia where anyone who smiles at a stranger is presumed crazy, a danger) where it even dares call itself Christian, mocks the decent as “libtards,” and openly preys on any meat not white-male-n-wealthy. The animal in us is exactly what becomes every criminal, cheap and dirty and not at all growed-up. By contrast, the algorithm of compassion is taught by careful parents; mine were called the Greatest Generation — every bit as enlightened and liberated as they were traditional and respectful. They would be appalled at the realAmerika now exposing itself, an abusive spoiled child.