The Great Inversion
umair haque

The myth of “trickle-down economics“ was the core of Reaganomics that the GOP, not liberals, perpetrated, and which the GOP still asserts under guises. Are you now saying that trickle-down economic theory has been ringing in our ears so long now (37 years!) that all Americans, liberals included, now accept it as if fact, including the Laffer Curve predicting increased revenues from reduced taxes on the wealthy? No No No, this is the GOP’s fraud song. I have never heard liberals speak such nonsense; liberals have other delusions, but not that one.

It is far more useful to look at an economy as a mesh of electrical circuits like the power grid, with wealth generators pumping cash flow out of the earth and out of the sweat of others, and investing it in the building of more such generator engines. Ponder our complete model of our power grid that enables engineers to keep it functioning in all its complexity, and tell me we couldn’t do the same with our economy better than those who say such nonsense as “trickle-down” instead of saying “pumped service to all” — which is what infrastructure engineering does. Then ponder if government has any duty other than infrastructure — planting, nourishing, and protecting an economy.

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