Ryan Allen and His Exta Arms — “Watch Me Explode” (EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE)

By Snowbird Songs

Detroit rocker Ryan Allen (ex-Thunderbirds Are Now!, current co-frontman of Destroy This Place) is back with Basement Punk, a collection of introspective power-pop goodery full of jangly chords and hooks. The album is out September 30th, but the wonderful people at Save Your Generation Records have graced us with an exclusive single premiere!

Ryan Allen on “Watch Me Explode”

This song is sort of one of those, “coming to grips with age and reality” type of jams that I tend to gravitate towards. The title kind of has a double meaning that is rooted in an odd (and embarrassing) behavior that one of my old bands used to partake in to kill boredom on the road. Basically, if a band that opened for us gave us their CD, if we weren’t digging their jams, we would drive off from the show and as soon as we were out of sight, we would throw their CD out of the window of our moving fan, cackling at the destruction of said CD all over the highway. Terrible, I know.

Anyway, that’s kind of the literal genesis of the initial idea for the song. Looking back on it, I can see the irony with where I’m at in my “music career” now. The former, more egotistical version of myself thought I was “too good” for some “crappy band’s” CD, and that it didn’t deserve a listen or any kind of respect at all. But now that I’m older, I realize that the roles are reversed. In other words, now I’m in this position of still wanting people to care about or pay attention to what I’m doing. At the same time I realize that we live in this throwaway society. If something doesn’t grab our attention RIGHT AWAY, well, out the window it goes. So the song discusses this idea of everything being disposable, and coming to grips with that. But in the same breath, I’m kind of accepting of it, too. The line, “Yes, I’m yesterday’s news” sounds really depressing, but the next line is “But I don’t mind.” And it’s true. I don’t mind being looked at as kind of an old dog now, because I still really believe in what I’m doing as a musician and songwriter.

I’m really proud of this album and everything that I’ve done. So “Watch Me Explode” could be thought of in a few ways; literally watch me explode and be forgotten about, kind of like an old building that nobody wants to use anymore. But the more positive way to look at it is kind of saying, “Hey, I’ve still got it. You never know. This could be the thing that people fall in love with”… like, “I could still blow up and people might care.” It’s all kind of a pipe dream really, but it was fun to play with that imagery/duality.

In terms of the sound of the song, I’m a huge fan of what was coming out of Massachusetts in the 90s: Buffalo Tom, Dinosaur Jr., The Blake Babies, the Lemonheads, etc. I wanted to do something jangly, fuzzy and just all out rocking that nodded to the heyday of all of that stuff. I remember telling Geoff Michael that I wanted the album to sound like “Whatever was recorded at Fort Apache Studios in 1995”. I think we achieved that, and this song probably best exemplifies it.

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