Meat and Potatoes
Clay Rivers

Drooolllllllllll !

My Gran was a freelance cook in the big country houses. My Mum was very much her daughter and I cannot remember ever being shoo’d out of the kitchen !

The greatest advice from Mum many many years ago ?

“Make friends with your butcher and green grocer !”

On a poignant note …. I was 14 when Mum died and the first week after she passed I had to go do the shopping. I went into the butchers and just bought as I know my Mum would have. As he wrapped the meat up (they knew Mum had passed) he said:

“You will be fine Pam. Your Mum taught you to make the best from the simplest. Its all going to be ok”.

There isn’t a day nearly 50 years later I don’t miss her… but she and my Gran gave me the gift of food sense and no waste.. and just simple good food.

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