(201): On Humane and Inhumane Vermin Control
Betta Tryptophan

Going to repeat exactly the same response to you as I have just written to Louise Peacock.

“Poison is not good. It is rarely lethal instantly..(usually is internal haemorrhaging it what it causes ) s0 so the critter hurries off.. to be caught by a bird of prey or any other creature that eats mice/rats … and so ingests the poison.

Please think about the bigger picture… imagine the beautiful hawk/owl dying.. or feeding it to its chicks and they die. Imagine the cat dying. It happens on a regular basis”

Live traps work well … but you do need to remove/release the critters at least 2 miles away.

I am a country girl.. fully aware of the realities if living and dying… but I also try to consider both the pain of others and the bigger picture of cause and effect on a bigger scale.

Not lecturing.. but simply hoping it makes a better sense to find better alternatives.