The Dirty Truth
Randomly Me

Here.. I found 2 acres… two very imperfect acres… reclaimed woodland and prairie… virgin ground. I truly do understand.

God and I arent acquaintances and that’s ok…. I am spiritual.. just not a G/god believer.

Out there in that imperfect wilderness I find me… and its the closest thing to peace I can find… a long way to go… but its a start.

I have gardened since my 30's(a long time ago !!) I made a living at it for a while. Here… all bets off.. the gophers eat most stuff.. the racoons and possums and deer deal with a lot else. BUT.. this is MY place.. and they were here before me… we do ok.

Note…… Irises survive here.. the gophers dont like them !!!

Your flood pic… I have a country pond… big… I mow it … 10 feet deep. Two years ago we had flooding after 8 years drought…. I got my pond ! Had never seen it with more tha 3 foot of water in ever.

I have only put pretty pics in ! You cant see the havoc !

I have built up to 53 species of butterfly and just got it certificated as a Monarch Waystation. Now have 47 species of birds.

Hold onto the peace you find…. its a treasure.. I know it is mine too.

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