My pleasure.
Mark Philip Lichtenstein

I have experience with American Immigration that was only missing the rubber hoses. They made a mistake they insisted they did not. It impacted my (American) husband and I for 2 1/2 years in deeply distressing ways. FINALLY they did not apologise.. but mysteriously ALL reference to any problem at all… vanished from my Immigration files and I was granted a Visa at lightning speed.. having been treated like sh*t of so very long. I imagine that is the nearest thing to an apology I will ever get.

I can totally understand the fear people experience. I have traveled much in my life, I have lived abroad… I have never ever been treated so badly anywhere else in the world. It also takes quite a lot to scare me.. and I was terrified by them and their methods. I have dual Citizenship now as it is the only way I can can feel any safety at all at an American point of entry. It also means I can vote.. as I was brought up to do as a civic duty .

Its a sad reflection that I feel less safe here in America than any other country I have lived in. This is a beautiful country.. and the people are good people… but the hate and distrust has to end.. before it ends this country.. and take most of the world with it.

* Gets off Soapbox *

Thank you Mark … I didn’t mean to rant !