Hi, Pam. I’m a bit lost. What do they mean by “build like you live next door”?
Clay Rivers

Morning Clay….

Consider this…. your neighbour puts an addition onto his house and it is in keeping with the property.. isnt painted fluorescent lime green but blends in… doesnt tower in ugliness and over shadow your own house… in other words.. he has considered not just his needs.. but yours too.

He built his addition as if he lived next door to himself…. he was considerate and decent.

THIS is what is missing from many human interactions. People consider their needs and wants above all else… they forget actions have reactions.

Lets phrase it another way….. Do as you would be done by ….. build as if you lived next door.

Simple human decency has no race/creed/colour … its not rocket science. Democracy is about being that decent human being…. for some… a lost art it seems.

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