Counting my Blessings
Randomly Me

“ Perspective is all…” as they say… and it is !!

Its a hard place to find often.

Recently we had our car written off by two other cars as we sat stationary at a junction. One of the car drivers was in a very bad way. We were sitting on the kerbside in shock but unscathed apart from a few bumps and scratches.

We haven’t had a good 2–3 years and this was the icing in the cake so to speak. As we sat watching Police and Medics do their bit I said to my husband

“Just one more thing in a bad year”

Then it hit us both. We turned to each other and I said

“Actually.. its been a damned GOOD year. We are alive and unhurt and we are going to get through this just FINE !!”.

Yes… perspective is all.

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