OMG, Pam, of course, you are right.
Louise Peacock

Please do not think I was lecturing ! I have just seen too many birds of prey die.. and their young.. and much loved domestic beloved pets. I live in the country … I try where its possible to use humane traps… here…. its possible to trap and release over two miles away(it needs to be over 2 miles.. you’d be surprised on “homing” mice !!!). There is a good predator balance out here too. That includes some well looked after and vetted feral cats (who have love and warm dry shelter and are “fixed”) They do a great job. We have hawks and bigger birds of prey.. coyotes too.

I know others especially in towns do not have so many choices. I know we all do the best we can. There are no perfect answers sadly. Looking after what we have.. and good husbandry it a start at least.