Witch Groups Not Happy With President’s Claim He’s “Victim Of Witch Hunt”
Allan Ishac

Still laughing !!!

Yesterday one of your readers https://medium.com/@chriscoolsma replied to my jesting critism of his prodding at Witches !!

I answered him with this

“Please please pleaseeeeeeee stop slagging off Witches !!

Witches are good nice people… I can vouch for that !!

Now.. iffin you want to call him anything.. call him “slime” !!

He came back with a wonderful play on words.

Allan.. I can vouch for being a GOOD Witch ! I was duly insulted that the Orange prat should DARE to blacken Witches.

Then today you , Oh Mighty Seer , write this.

Spot on Allan.. I am going to promote you within the Coven !!!!!

Me… aka The Wicked Witch Of The East !!!

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