Creating checklists

Like others mates, I’ve thought a lot about the startup failures. There are many posts, books, events,… that focusing on this aspect.

When we read a post or assist an event to know about the failures, actually we want to know the solution in a few words. “10 key elements to solve your startup” or “Why my incredible tech project shut down”. We love them. In fact, I wrote one to explain why we closed RiderState .

But really I know that it’s very difficult to summarize an startup closed in a post, or in 20 minutes of exposition.

Today, I’ve had an interesting conversations in my new job. I have realized that one of the key to be a company (while you are building a project) is the phase to create protocols or checklists.

Probably working creatively make us discover new solutions or products ; but after discover a necessity, create a prototype or get our first clients… we will need to build a company. And in this phase, you need order. You need a path. Why not checklists?