Just do it. Fail

Nobody want to fail. Everyone want to do things and do it well, do it at the first time. Without failures.

But the reality teach us that it is impossible, or maybe, very very difficult. This issue is key for us, cause we need to change our mind and to be preparing to fail.

Since we have been children (I speak like Spanish) we have learnt to win and, in some cases, to lose with a well face. But when we normally fail, we feel sad, we blame us and we don’t learn about it.

As the reality show us that it’s impossible to do things without failures, it’s very important to change our mentality. We normally think “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose”; but we need to change it and we must think “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”.

If we learn that we will always make failures, we must change our point of view. It isn’t important that you have errors; the most important is how you react after them.

At last, I want to say something about failures. The errors is just one of the consequences of do it. A consequence of try something. And the most important, in this sense, is that the people are going to try doing things.

Just do it... Fail