The end of the first adventure

It was a common day. I was in Cantalejo, and my brother gave me a packet. Inside, a card, a few words and five hundred euros. “The Monday you will begin your new job. Come on”.

I’m in the same room. Everything is similar, but I’ve changed a lot. Four years later, I’ve learnt a lot, but the “new job” has finished.

We were created a social game (Me and my mates of startup). An awesome app with five thousand users registered all around the world. 68,000 tracks from more than 60 countries. El Pais, Venture Network, Cadena Ser, Yorokobu…

With the hard work of a lot of people, we got to develop the seed of a great product. But we can’t do more. We have fought during months, but this adventure is over.

Begin a new adventure.