Fuck Perfection, Aim for Progress.

Some people come to me for advice and they’re like:

“Brian should I approach this girl of my dreams wearing a specific shoe or speak a 400kHz pitch and hold my water bottle a certain way while I do it”

“Should I take creatine with this protein powder isolate and how many grams of x do I take”

“Should I apply to this top engineering firm or this top medical school or maybe to this giant investment firm”

And I’d like to give them all the help they need to get there, but most of them aren’t at a point where any of that shit matters. My favourite people are the ones that go “Brian I’ve done 5x5 for 4 months now, but my squat is lacking and I don’t know how to macros properly. What now?”

Due to bad parenting, shitty media, and a culture where people are afraid to fail and be critiqued, most people have been raised being told how great they are, so they think something’s wrong when they aren’t being praised consistently. It leads to people scared of, and unwilling to try things because they don’t want to get anything less than perfect.

Fuck that. Iterate. Iterate over the shitty version of a product you released. Iterate over that terrible work process you can’t bare to see but works (csv imports, dirty fixes, come to mind).

You weren’t born with a skill? Sucks to suck. Gotta iterate over it and fail to get better. When you get better, then you can think about improving/perfecting it.

Fuck the “I don’t think I’m ready for it, let me prepare for another year first”.

The people I have shittons of respect for are the people that dive right in and go “I’m sorry if I’ll fuck it up in advance but I have to give it a try and learn as much as I can”.

Not sure how to approach? “Nice shoes, wanna grab a drink?”

Not sure how to ask for a job? “I’m a full-stack software dev, need someone to build you an app?”

Keep trying. You won’t be a natural, but you’ll be a veterinarian by the 100th.

Not sure which protein to take? Which workout to do? Don’t buy any. Pick SL5x5. Eat, lift, sleep.

Not sure which job(s) to apply to? Apply to fucking all of them. Then when you get rejected a shitton reiterate over them and pick between the ones you get. Fuck, apply to that mom/pop shop down the road. Apply to that startup you know is going to fail. Figure out what people want.

Aim high. Have a desire to want to be the best, but that requires a shitton of failure. Go out, fail more, learn, improve. Stop optimizing for shit. Plus, when you do your best and other people see it, they want to join and help without needing to ask. Then you ask, and people want to push you further.

Go fuck up. Fuck up so much it’s impossible for you to fuck up and what comes out is a you that knows exactly what to do.

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