Metafter*Life Social Club

3 min readJan 7, 2022

-A World of Dreams-

In this introductory story, I would like to offer context to our idea and why we are interested in implementing it.

Our project intends to be one verse in the rapidly developing Metaverse that everyone is speaking of. But what is the Metaverse?

Well, Metaverse is nothing… and is everything.

Writing this down, I’m realizing that although it’s on everybody’s lips, nobody actually can put the finger on it. Metaverse is still a vision, a desire, a new twist to human emancipation. The concept is not new, it’s as old as the big bang. Technically the Metaverse is the sum of all universes.

In today’s jargon, a verse(universe) is a project developed in VR. Simply speaking, E-Games, NFT’s, virtual meetings, etc are all verses of what soon enough, will be bridged together in one big Metaverse.

Recent developments in the software, programming, and hardware components increased the attention given to technological evolution. More and more people are interested in exploring the World of Dreams. Yes, for me, this is the Metaverse: A world of dreams where only imagination is the limit. OK, now it’s too early to consider this as a true statement, but rather sooner than later we will be able to bridge these rapidly evolving verses.

I don’t know if it’s by design or it’s just in human nature to fix and develop new things but, recent events are loudly advocating this scenario. The majority of the human race(almost 8B people) was forced to stay in the house and find alternative options to interact. I’m not proposing in this article any conspiracy theory. But, if I was to decide how to speed up the acceptance of VR technologies, this is pretty much textbook.

So, if all the pieces of the puzzle are falling in place, what is next?

Fight it or Develop it.

  • Blockchain tech is here to stay. Long gone the days when people were mocking “the new kid on the block.”
  • The evolution of the human race to more usage of the brain rather than the body

I’m confident to say, based on these two realities, that Metaverse will be the next big thing, in terms of revolutionary development. New projects are rapidly developing, but we will need to build the bridges.

Metafter*Life concept is simple.

A virtual reality program where Club Members can “socially interact.” Additionally, the innovation of blockchain technologies can help us, through XRPL power, to follow the validity of these interactions.

We imagine a verse where people can play games, exchange or collect assets, interact with other people from the comfort of their house while traveling around the metaverse.

While developing our flagship program “the Babylon Palace”(more on this in a future article) we are busy with the development of another feature of our verse, “The Portals.”

a visual representation of the relation between the main app and the portals
# a visual representation of the relation between the main app and the portals

A Portal is an NFT Collection with a particular theme. We call it a portal because owners of at least one NFT are becoming members of the Metafter*Life Social Club. Is like a point of entry and each member will enjoy the perks offered by the Club.

  • access to different games or treasure hunts
  • New Portals airdrops
  • owning cool fractal NFT’s that can be collected like puzzles
  • participation in Charity Events
  • utility token to use for different services in the ecosystem:

— an important thing to know is that we’ll not sell any $XUV — it will be distributed to the community and the small part used for development will be paid directly with the token.

— the distrib. will be according to our SS, where Trustlines will get a much smaller amount than Club Members.

One of the major rewards for being a member is the Seniority Sistem used to distribute the rewards. Our commitment to take care of our members translates into rewarding earlier members first. As an example owners of Genesis Portal ( the SnwomanYC) will receive first and more tokens of Portal3 than owners of Portal2.

…to be continued /