Atheism Is Not Faith, It’s Reason
Thor Benson

I liked everything above the highlight, you put that very well, but I kinda wish you stopped there.

There are many more reasons for believing given by theists beyond the two examples you cite, and reducing the argument to those two rather simplistic and surface-level ones feels a lot like strawmaning and is bound to lead theists to reject everything above the highlight, simply because it falls far short of their personal reasons, whatever they may be.

With Noah’s Wale you fall into the off cited “only atheists and fundamentalists read the Bible like that”-trap, any theist worth his or her salt can easily dismiss that argument by simply saying “parable" and be done with your argument.

Also atheists are not “not necessarily" better people than theists, they simply are not. The potential to be lead astray from being a good person equally exists for both, simply coming in from different directions, atheism alone does not a more moral (better) person make. More logical/rational in certain respects — sure.

The fear instilled by religion does create a powerful safeguard if applied “correctly", that can not be had by an atheist, however inherently harmful that safeguarding system is to the individual and the society at large.

I am writing all of this as an atheist who would like to see the project of converting theists into atheists work — your writing and demonstrated logic in the first half of this article is very much able to do so, please do not torpedo your efforts by assuming people are as shallow as you make them out to be in the second part, as it gives the reader the excuse to dismiss the first, simply by guilt of association.

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