Achieving Mass Appeal with Justin Irabor

I met Justin Irabor at the Satire Festival. A Creative Writer, marketing professional, digital marketing expert, artist and illustrator, some of Justin’s works have trended and have becomes memes on social media.

A self-trained artist, Justin’love for communicating has taken him on a career with seminal roles in some of Nigeria’s frontline start-ups.

His interview gives us an insight into his career, his motivations, his plans for getting published and the next steps on his exciting career.

Achieving Mass Appeal with Justin Irabor @TheVunderkind


African stories are being told with the air of inferiority and sadly, often Africans don’t have the tools to tell their story.
I have been obsessed with the narrative that Africans do not have their stories being told properly.
I wish I knew more of African history and folklores. I’ve been reading up and this current adventure gives me a stronger reason to do more
There is going to be a need for African content, there is an increasing demand for African content and content creators.