Art and Inspiration with Cartoonist Mustapha Bulama

Mustapha Bulama is a talented artist, cartoonist and illustrator. He has done a lot of work as an illustrator of children’s book but he is more popular as a satirical political cartoonist with several newspapers. His cartoons tend to go viral.

In this episode of Spirit of Enterprise, Bulama talked of how his background influenced his art and the phases of mental development he went through to find outlet for his creativity. We discussed his sources of inspiration, developments in his career so far and his upcoming plans to host a Masterclass . Bulama also talked about his work tools and creative process. A self taught artist, he had words of advice and encouragement for budding artists.

Art and Inspiration with Cartoonist Mustapha Bulama

Excerpts :

“One thing I like to tell people, When you see an artist who has accomplished something just know that it took a long time, a lot of effort , a lot of patience , a lot of struggles to get there.
“The only consolation you have as an artist is that you’re enjoying what you’re doing”
“I challenge you to do a 14 days challenge. Everyday, you draw something new. You’ll see you have improved”