The Impostor Syndrome

You know that feeling. In fact, you might be feeling it right now.

That feeling you feel when you feel you’re not good enough.

You palm the mike and look cool outside but deep inside , you feel not quite ready. Or maybe you think you are just not good enough.

(A Zillion Dollar Comics/Carolyn Hiler)
Stop lying to your self.

Your feelings of self doubt don’t matter.

You’re wonderful. You’re great. May you need to do some things better. Just maybe a little bit better.

Eventually , you’ll get better. The path to that eventuality starts today.

Shower, show up , shine.

Let me tell you this. People who mess up usually lack self-awareness. So the irony is , if you are so self conscious about the fact that you’re not perfect, you’re probably doing okay.

Your self consciousness should motivate you to improve your game, polish your skills, perfect your presentation.

Just don’t let it turn to self doubt. Don’t stand there paralyzed like a gazelle blinded by a coming car’s headlights.

In the battles to come, there’ll be adversaries who will try to put you down a notch or two. Don’t play for their team.

You are good enough for today. And you’re getting better every time you show up.

Shower, show up , shine.