SoMee Rocks Beyond Blocks in Bangkok!

Southeast Asia was a great experience for SoMee!

Two major blockchain conferences took place back-to-back at the end of November, with James at Blockshow Asia in Singapore (see our last article) and myself at Beyond Blocks in Bangkok, Thailand!

Meanwhile our development team continues to refine the code for the upcoming MVP (minimum viable product) — as well as squashing bugs, lots of brilliant new features are about to be rolled out!

“Beyond Blocks was awesome!”

Packed with panels of thought leaders from Charles Hoskinson of IOHK (Cardano) to discussions on blockchain scalability by David Knott of OmiseGo, the event brought together passionate and dedicated minds for two days of debate and networking.

SoMee was there to spread our fun and inclusive message of redefining the social media experience. As a Brand Ambassador rocking SoMee swag, it was effortless to pique people’s curiosity about the project and connect with a wide range of attendees.

A warm smile goes a long way!

I was happy to meet everyone from journalists and YouTubers, to potential collaborators, to those interested in investing in the project. Look out for some interviews about SoMee coming out soon from BitsOnline,, CoinUp, Rock the Block Live, and BIG Crypto.

“We were interviewed by CoinUp, Interactive Crypto News from Asia!”

And the fun continues!

LEFT: Milena De Feo, Beat Consult RIGHT: SoMee Selfies :)

Overall, Beyond Blocks was awesome, fun and a great success! We made many connections which we will be following up with in the coming days, and we shall see which partnerships flourish from this.

We thank the organizing team for putting together a first class conference! We are pleased to share this video which packs two days of magic into 60 intense seconds!

Until next time!

Rafael :)

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SoMee is the first blockchain based social hub that puts each community member in control of personal information and provides multiple options for content monetization on social media. Each person has the ability to earn a portion of the money from advertisers if you want (or not) and to earn rewards from all of your efforts on social media. The bottom line is that each person should be able to choose when and how their personal information is shared on social media and be given the choice if they want to monetize their information, creative content and published posts on social media.