We are very excited to share with you our brand new web page of SOWITEC development, our technical department.

Next link brings you to it www.sowitec-development.com. Check out our accredited services and more; all presented to you in fresh and modern design.

Our experienced and independent experts at developing wind and solar PV projects worldwide look forward to your feedback and enquiries of any kind.

You can also contact us directly under info@sowitec-development.com


This week (September, 12th, 2018), in Brazil, the phase 2 of the wind cluster of Ventos da Bahia (117 MW), located in the northeast state of Bahia, developed by SOWITEC and which counts the leading IPP EDF EN as investor, entered into commercial operation with an anticipation over the officially required COD (01/11/2018).

The Phase 1 of the cluster Ventos da Bahia (66 MW) entered in operation in 2017 and Phase 3 (128,8 MW) is expected to enter in operation at the latest by beginning of 2024.

Since 2010, projects developed by SOWITEC have been awarded with power purchase agreements along the years in the federal energy auctions leading to a track record for the Group of 1.07 GW in Brazil of which 893 MW are already in operation.

Last Friday (August, 31st), in Brazil, the auction known as A-6/2018 took place under the control of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). An amount of 2.1 GW of electricity generation capacity was contracted encompassing 1.25 GW of wind parks, 457,7 MW of hydroelectric plants and 391 MW of thermoelectric…

SOWITEC´s Mexico Environmental and Social Department has almost 10 years of in-house experience preparing and submitting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) to obtain its projects environmental authorizations/licenses, having an important track record of authorized wind projects, solar pv projects, and high voltage transmission lines. Specifically on solar pv projects, SOWITEC Mexico has elaborated EIAs and handed over to the authorities environmental authorization requests for around 1,1 GWac in projects, having 640 MWac of these already an environmental license, accepted and approved by the authorities.

On behalf of all of us here at SOWITEC, welcome! Our fresh, new design and improved layout allows us to present SOWITEC to you in a way that is comprehensive, exciting and intuitive. Together with our growing Social Media presence this marks a major step forward in our corporate communication. In the coming weeks and months we will also launch individual sites for each of our markets, informing in more detail about our local teams and their activities. These subpages will be available in English and the respective national language.

We look forward to sharing more great content with you moving forward, and we welcome your feedback! Please send any comments or suggestions to us here.

Thank you for your interest in SOWITEC and enjoy our new web presence!


Chile’s Atacama region has some of the best irradiation worldwide and a huge potential volume for the national consumption and exportation of energy. The government announced the goal of having 100% clean energy (renewable energy including hydro) by 2040. SOWITEC arrived in Chile in 2007 and has a proven track record of a wind projects in operation since 2013. Currently, the local team alongside a fiscal entity (CPL) led a benchmark-setting early engagement process where indigenous communities were involved through a participation platform during the development stage of the project. In addition to the high quality of the technical development of the pipeline, SOWITEC Chile can ensure the best risk mitigation possible regarding social conflicts in its projects.

Pastorale marks a major milestone in the history of SOWITEC. Not only did SOWITEC develop this project, but for the first time outside of Europe we continue to keep a participation on a wind park in operation. Here, 130 km northwest of Uruguay’s capital Montevideo, the country’s tallest wind turbines…


SOWITEC group is one of the leading renewable energy developer worldwide. Imprint: https://www.sowitec.com/en/imprint

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