Why you should root for the start-up Cinderella during March Madness

  1. Because “passionate” sounds better than “disruptive.”
  2. Because we are sick of hearing “YC-backed ‘X’ raises ‘V’ bazillion dollars in Series A round.”
  3. Because it’s better to lead than “follow.”
  4. Because it’s more fun to love than “like.”
  5. Because it would be nice to hear about a founder from South Dakota instead of Stanford.
  6. Because “inspiring” sounds better than “networking.”
  7. Because life is more beautiful without a “filter.”
  8. Because it’s time to start listening to each other instead of typing another Twitter feud.
  9. Because social media doesn’t need a sympathy button — it needs a soul.
  10. Because “serial entrepeneur” sounds absolutely terrible.