This Isn’t a Warning, But a Call to Action

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a strange world for all of us, and it’s having major effects on our personal lives and world economies. While most of us are probably busy thinking about how we start to get back to “normal” when it’s all over, the pandemic is creating a great opportunity for innovation. Innovations are found from needs and pressure. With the current global pandemic, our businesses are getting lots of pressure and our customers are finding new needs. This gives your teams the perfect opportunity to identify and build new innovations. But, don’t worry: They don’t all…

And How You Can Avoid Falling Into the Chasm

It’s a long established trend that if a technology becomes popular enough somebody will add it to the toaster. Electric toaster? Yes, and a good addition that has been! But the trend today of adding smart features to every product you sell may not be the best use of your innovation budget.

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Meet Toasteroid, not the only smart toaster on the market but perhaps the one that made the biggest splash. Toasteroid was build around a simple concept: people like to know what the daily forecast is going to be when they eat breakfast. So Toasteroid addresses that customer need…

How the Netflix series “Queer Eye” is highlighting the Design Thinking Mindset

The guys on “Queer Eye” are the leading evangelists of the design thinking mindset, even if they don’t ever say it or even know it. In each episode they set out to help people become better versions of themselves. They go into each episode with an open mind and walk a mile in the hero’s shoes before they even begin to come up with solutions for the person.

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This is what the design thinking mindset is all about; this is what design thinking is all about!

All of the hosts have specialties, Antoni Porowski is the food and spirit guru, Tan France knows how to make everyone look well dressed, Karamo Brown provides cultural and lifestyle insights, Bobby…

Can we stop using the quote?

I’m sure you’ve been in a presentation that, at some point, puts up a slide with the famous Henry Ford quote, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses.’” It’s usually used as a justification for ignoring customer feedback on an amazing new disruptive innovation.

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It’s Cold, I’m a Horse by Craig Damlo

First, let’s all agree that Henry Ford never said those words. Patrick Vlaskovits has already researched this and proven that Ford never “uttered this famous” quote. Patrick goes on to further discuss,

However, even if Ford didn’t verbalize his thoughts on customers’ ostensible inability to communicate their unmet needs…

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The danger of a widely accepted methodology is that each company has it’s own unique set of problems. Looking at what others are doing is good, you get to see what has worked for them and what has failed them; but just because something worked at another company or is popular, does not mean it will work out of the box for you.

So look to processes like design thinking, but understand how they can fit into your company and as equally important your culture. Then try it out, and make tweaks until it fits your problem set.

Craig Damlo is an innovation coach and the founder of Soap Box Rocket, whose goal is to help ignite a culture of innovation for you and your team. Visit to see how he can help you.

Design thinking is a human-centered design philosophy that has grown to prominence out of Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. One of the primary features of design thinking is that it centers around users, how they feel, what they need, and how they do what they do. A key differentiator of design thinking to other innovation strategies is more than just the human centeredness — rather, it is the fact that it is not driven by a strategy but that the strategy falls out of the process to ensure that your strategy matches with your customer needs and wants. …

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Tesla to build Mega Supercharger locations into destinations

Tesla plans to add retail and lifestyle amenities to new Supercharger locations that CEO Elon Musk describes as a place to “hang out for half an hour and then be on your way.”[1]

Innovation is about practice more than anything else. I am an innovation coach and that takes practice, too — and, oftentimes, it’s something I can’t turn off. While I was on on vacation on San Juan Island about a month ago (it’s an island located in the most Northwest corner of the Northwest corner of the United States), I found myself practicing my craft.

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Hotel Roast by Craig Damlo

I was at a very nice coffee shop called The Bean Cafe in the city of Friday Harbor near the terminal for the ferry back to the mainland. And, as I was sipping on a nice…

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