APY.TOP APP is Coming,Earn Your Bubbles

Dear Soapys💌

Soapy APY.TOP officially launched PC/Web on Nov.19th.It has more than 12,000 users since its launch a month, providing valuable suggestions.We have reached a new milestone before Christmas.APY.TOP APP is Coming.

APY.TOP APP is a multi-chain DeFi revenue query tool,aims to be the first mobile entrance of DeFi.

🎈About APY🎈

Currently APY.TOP has supported the data of 14 chains, and will follow more chains in the future.

In the APY function, you can query APY & TVL, including single, stable , LP and lending, and you can switch between high and low rankings and check project information.

You can quickly find tokens and projects by searching. And you can connect the wallet to add to the collection for easy viewing and tracking at any time.

🔥About TOP🔥

In TOP, you can search for the highest APY & TVL in the chain.

NFT & GameFi & Token will be coming soon.

✨About Rewards Center✨

APY.TOP APP launches a new user reward system: Bubble Rewards🎁🎁

“Bubble” is the platform equity certificate of Soapy APY.TOP. The higher the level, the more abundant rewards you can win.

The redemption of future equity certificates is not limited to airdrops, IDOs, NFTs, etc. Stay tuned for more rights to unlock.

You can earn bubbles by downloading the APP to connect to your wallet, checking in daily and inviting friends.

How to earn bubbles by inviting friends?💥💥💥

If you haven’t already downloaded the APP, you need to download the APP and connect the wallet.

Step 1: Copy the invitation link and share it with friends.

Step 2: Friends enter their address and click confirm.

Step 3: Download APY.TOP APP

Step 4: Open the APP and connect to the wallet address to activate.

This completes the invitation to friends to get the corresponding bubble.

You can check the number of your bubbles increase, invite records and leaderboards.

Download the APY. TOP APP now and earn your bubbles.

About Soapy Finance

Soapy Finance is committed to building the future mobile entrance of DeFi. It brings friendly, efficient, and secure financial products and services to users.


APY.TOP:The first multi-chain DeFi projects aggregator adapts to mobile.

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Coming soon

Soapy Genesis NFT:The Ticket and Honor of Soapy Meta Ecosystem Meet you in the Soapy world.

Soapy Swap:The multi-chain DEXes aggregator.

Soapy Games Studio:Building funny and inovation games for Community.

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