One Minute Sober Message 126 > You and That Voice

If booze is an elevator that only goes down, it’s time to exit. Step off. Get out and stay out. Original art here.

Sometimes, when you’re trying to quit drinking, the voice in your head can get really loud. So I send out free one minute audio messages of encouragement (and ass-kicking) to anyone who wants them. This is a transcript of One Minute Message #126.

“I just need to try harder,
My brain says:
I just need to start again and try harder.
Sorry Belle, I’m on Day 1.
I’ll try harder.”

And Belle says:
It’s not about trying harder,
it’s about trying different.
If what you’ve been trying up to now isn’t working the way you want it to,
if you’re not getting the results that you want,
then you do something different
to get a different result.

To begin again with the same tools
Is, you know, that definition of insanity.

But also, we have a brain that tells us
that all tools won’t work for us,
that we are specifically, specially deficient and broken.

And that same voice that gets us to drink
tells us that anything we try won’t work
so, no point in trying anything new.
“I could set up calls with her, it won’t work.
I could go to an AA meeting, it won’t work.
I don’t want to ask my doctor.
I don’t want to take her class.
I don’t want to listen to an audio.
I don’t want to do anything.”

That voice that you hear is the same voice that says Drink Now.

When you reach out and get some support,
you learn how to get between you and that voice.


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Belle Robertson, sober 6+ years, blogs and writes and records free sober audios. She has been sober penpals with 2,858 people. She works as a text designer, a baker & caterer, and as a sober coach. She thinks that running even 7 minutes is enough to change your whole day, and that driving on the interstate as part of a ‘vacation’ is never a good idea. This blurb current as of September 2018.