A Case For Social Entrepreneurship by Parvez Hussain Sufi

Parvez Hussain Sufi, CEO of Pharmagen Limited, Pakistan’s leading producer of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), is a champion of social enterprise in the corporate world.

In this session he gave a rationale for social enterprise centered around Pharmagen Water, a project of Pharmagen that provides affordable, clean, drinking water to low-income segments of Lahore. Mr. Sufi also presented a highly comprehensive study of the challenges faced by Pharmagen Water in a diverse array of operational areas relevant to a wide variety of for-profit social enterprises. The length and breadth of potential challenges and solutions addressed in this session made it immensely valuable for the incubatees.

Event Date: 10th November, 2014

This post was by Taimoor Toor on 20th November, 2014

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