We, at Social Innovation Lab believe that fostering great businesses starts with having the right environment, team, mentors and resources. Directors of SIL, Saad Idrees & Maryam Mohiuddin, have partnered up with Imran Sarwar, CEO Rabtt and Ahmad Habib, a young entrepreneur & financial consultant to launch a multifaceted community workspace, Daftarkhwan.

Daftarkhwan aims to create the perfect ecosystem including all the ingredients required for success: space, community, and much more. Launching a startup or expanding into a new market can be difficult. Daftarkhwan aims to bring together individuals dedicated to innovative, collaborative endeavours. It exists to provide a community space, a meeting place for innovators and a resource palette for start-ups. Its numerous packages at extremely affordable prices are well suited for hosting events and organising virtual or in-person meetings.

Daftarkhwan is an ideal place for regular entrepreneurs who like flexibility and want to just plug-in and start working. Whether it’s a start up with a team of 4 to 5 members or an individual who needs a space to work occasionally and flexibly just a few days of the month, Daftarkhwan provides high end amenities and physical space to organisations and individuals.

This social innovation hub equips one with unparalleled networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, mentors and titans of industry. With facilities like uninterrupted high speed Wi-Fi, printing services, air conditioning and 24/7 power back up, lockers and free supply of chai and coffee, Daftarkhwan is an ideal place for start ups to grow.

With Daftarkhwan comes a co-working space that fosters a community of innovators that can make incredible things happen. This space is buzzing with crazy ideas and infectious energy and is definitely the place you need to be to develop a network that can change the way you work!

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