From Komail’s Photos. LAS Minglik Sar ‘14

Go for the Pilot

Komail is an entrepreneur from our 2013 Incubation Cycle and President of the LUMS Adventure Society (LAS). During his trips with the society, Komail identified a gap in the communities he visited: They abound with all manner of resources, human and material, but due to lack of education thereon by mass-tourism ventures and absence of markets that could employ them, they lie fallow. That is when he launched Khoj, an eco-tourism enterprise that educates travellers while creating opportunities for viable sustenance for the people of the community.

Khoj’s ventures include trips to Shigarh and Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan where travellers learned about hot springs and their role in natural therapy. In nearby Khaplu Valley, the Khoj team also taught fish farming and breeding to resident communities. Mostly recently, in August 2014, Khoj inititiated the Kakka Pir mangrove tour near Kemari Town, Karachi, which focuses on turtle and dolphin-watching.

With such projects already under its belt, Khoj can only go further from here. Despite logistical setbacks, Komail is optimistic about the future and has advice for those stuck in an entrepreneurial rut: “Go for the pilot!”

This article was written by Taimoor Toor on 11th November, 2014

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