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Musaw’wireen (n): plural of Al-Musaw’wir, the Bestower of Forms.

Musaw’wireen is an arts enterprise founded in August 2014 by Hatchery incubatee and LUMS grad Saif-ul-Islam Sajid. It provides a platform for artists from lesser known schools of Lahore to exhibit their work at established art galleries. During his master’s degree at LUMS, Saif had a three-week externship at the Naqsh School of Arts where he observed many eminent graduate artists finding it difficult to get shows. The student body belonged to low-income segments of Lahore, far removed from the artistic spaces it seeks to engage with. Saif launched Musaw’wireen with the idea to promote these artists by organizing exhibitions that connect them with contemporary art galleries. Musaw’wireen proved its model late last year by organizing a top-rate show at the Nairang Art Gallery with over a thousand people in attendance. The show was a unique opportunity for lesser-known artists to showcase their work, a tribute to the art forms of the Mughal Era, and to make their mark in the industry. Saif says the road to Musaw’wireen was challenging and many collaborators and well-wishers thinned out along the way. His message to those working in the arts is this: Find the balance between your artistic desires and what will sell. At SIL, we believe this is only the start for Musaw’wireen, an enterprise you should definitely keep an eye out for.

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This story was written by Taimoor Toor on 4th February, 2015

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