SIL’s Star Incubatee

The Social Innovation Lab Universe compromises of some exceptionally talented social entrepreneurs whose social ventures are creating a tremendous impact on the society. This month we are proud to announce TurrLahore as our SIL Star Incubatee.

The journey of TurrLahore began when two best friends, Mohammad Murtaza and Shareef Khalid, packed their backpacks and set out to explore the world. They travelled to numerous destinations only to come back to their hometown and realize that the Mughal City of Gardens (Lahore) where they had resided all their life was a maze of art, culture and tradition that needed to be unraveled and explored.

A walk through Lahore’s Delhi Gate
Typical Lahori Breakfast
The Gorgeous Sunehri Mosque

The duo, students at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) began an extensive research on the history of the centuries old Walled City of Lahore. Numerous trips to the old city were made by the two in order to familiarize themselves with history, culture and heritage veiled in these narrow gullies, hidden mosques, and forgotten temples. Within a short span of time the two amassed such great knowledge of the area that they began squeezing hordes of their friends into their own cars and taking them on tours of Lahore’s Androon Shehr (Inner City). Seeing the overwhelming response of their first tour, the two decided to begin a social venture. But starting a social venture wasn’t an easy task. They pitched their ideas to the Social Innovation Lab and were successfully incubated as TurrLahore. Social Innovation Lab provided them mentoring and training sessions essential to sustain their startup.

Learning Truck Art

With a mission to revive the rich historical and cultural narratives of Lahore, these young individuals started organizing signature themed tours around Lahore allowing locals and foreigners to rediscover, preserve and celebrate the fading monuments, traditions, and tales that characterize the city of Lahore. From organizing tours on Valentine’s Day to celebrating religious and national events/days like Sehri Turrs in Ramadan and special Independence Day tours what these boys offer in their excursions has been overlooked in books and faded in historic records. Not only does TurrLahore offer its scheduled tours but they also provide customized tours for small or large groups of people, birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings. These tours allow one to indulge in local cuisines that will surely tantalise your taste buds as well as give you a chance to enjoy buggy rides, qingqi, camel rides and other modes of transport still being used in Androon Shehr (Inner City).

Wazir Khan Mosque

TurrLahore aims to connect people with the rich culture of Androon Shehr (Inner City). They intend to instill a sense of patriotism and respect for the region’s cultural diversity. The social enterprise also aims to serve as a bridge between the craftsmen and skilled workers of Androon Lahore (Inner City), whose immaculate and intricate crafts have been mesmerizing both locals and foreigners for decades. TurrLahore seeks to find solutions to help market these products, and earn these craftsmen the accolade and profits that they rightfully deserve.

The Social Innovation Lab team is extremely proud of our social incubatee, TurrLahore for their tremendous efforts to preserve Lahore’s forgotten culture. We wish them success in their future endeavours.

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