Tips & Practice Sessions for Coaching Youth Soccer

Parent-coaches and volunteers are the cornerstone of youth soccer, and therefore all soccer.

Before players reach professional, collegiate, high school, travel, club, select, community, or any other level of soccer, they are introduced to the beautiful game by a dedicated parent who has been awarded, or has gotten stuck with, the privilege of coaching a group of individuals who have decided to join a team, or been dragged down to the practice field by a parent.

Soccer Drills App is here to help that parent-coach realize their full potential, or just survive 60 minutes at a time.

Soccer Drills App provides pre-planned practices that take the edge off of parent-coaches who no longer have to waste hours of their rare free time researching, testing, and implementing drills, which may or may not work out as intended, into their practices. We cover the U4 to U12 age groups.

Soccer Drills App practices are developed by parent-coaches who have done all of that work already and are now offering it to you for free. Our practices are:

  1. FUN for the players — players are engaged and there is not too much standing around. Short attention spans are addressed with additional challenges worked into the drills and games that reinforce the skills learned during the drills.
  2. PRACTICAL for the coaches — even though we provide many drills, we have grouped them in a way that minimizes the field set-up changes, thus minimizing the time spent on adjustments and keeping the practice flowing.
  3. PRODUCTIVE for both coaches and players — in addition to being fun, our drills teach soccer fundamentals and draw from experience gathered playing and/or coaching soccer in the US, Europe, and the Caribbean.

In addition to the practice help offered to parent-coaches for free, Soccer Drills App also provides advice & tips addressing all sorts of questions that come up.

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