So you want to play with MLS in FM 19? Part One

I get it. MLS is a scary thing to try and comprehend. More so when you start the save and you get the Moby Dick-like information on what designated players are, international spots, and other aspects of America’s top league.

If you have any interest in pursuing a save with a MLS team and have no idea what you are doing — Have no fear as I shall clear things up for you.

Let’s start with salary cap and contracts:

Salary Caps are a common tool for american sports. They are used to “cap” the amount of money a team can use and keep teams from over spending and hurting the league or underspending and tanking to earn a profit. It’s a tool to keep teams competitive.

You have a portion of money given to you by the league called “general allocation money” this money is used to “pay down” players contracts for a season in order to not have them hit your salary cap. If you have a player making 3,000 a week, you can use “GAM” to buy down the cost of the contract on the salary cap.

To that same device, “Target Allocation Money” is a device used to pay down a designated players contract (more on that later) this money isn’t able to be directly used but based on the size of the contract negotiated it may trigger TAM to be used to help curb the hit on your salary cap.

You have “reserve” contracts. Reserve contracts are contracts that may not count towards your salary cap but depending on if they are a domestic player or an international can still count towards your international player slots allotted to you (Again… more on that later)

“Generation Adidas” contracts are given to youth players you can draft in the player draft in March. These players are deemed high enough quality that the league will actually contribute to their salary but are an easy way to spot high quality players (more on the drafts later… I promise I’m not doing that on purpose.

You are allotted 8 international slots for your team. These are to be used for any players who aren’t american. Players who are international are eligible to eventually earn their green card which would allow them to be registered as a domestic player but they need to be in the county for quite some time.

I’ll comb through more parts of MLS and publish more blogs soon. Let me know what you would like to know more about and I’ll be sure to hit that!

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